Craig and Audrey Davis became supporters (Allies) in Circles with little knowledge and expectations about the program.

Pretty soon, though, they realized they were a part of something special and unique. They watched, often in tears, as Circles participants (Circle Leaders) rebuilt their lives, going from the depth of poverty to a new horizon with new jobs, new homes and new lives.

The couple said they watched as Circles gave participants “hope where there was no hope.” Along the way, they transformed, too, opening up during the program and letting their guard down in ways they hadn’t done before.

Here’s the story in their own words of their journey as Circles Allies.

The coordinator of Circles suggested that we would be a good fit to assist in a program that was just taking off. At the first meeting when Traci Powell (program coordinator) and Kem Bush (executive director of Pathways to Prosperity) so passionately introduced this new initiative, you immediately wanted to be a part of something that would be so life changing.

Needless to say, it was.

Circle’s is an opportunity to share life experiences and to raise expectations of individuals to lead purpose driven lives — to look beyond their circumstances to reach their potential. Circle’s gives hope, where there was no hope. Circle’s provides the luxury to dream, where there were no dreams, to reach for the stars where there was only darkness and despair. Circle’s is a life-line to opportunities.

Being able to interact with individuals on a weekly basis to know their struggles and to know their challenges and being able to impart in them the emotional support was so rewarding. To see their transparency forced you to become vulnerable and let your guard down. You shared your experiences, you gave advice, and you also prayed for them. You value as people and not statistics or labels that society has placed upon them. More than anything you fell in love with them. You rejoiced in their successes, as participants went back to school, gave birth, purchased first homes and cars, got married, and sent their kids to college. These were basic life initiatives that were taken for granted.

The Circle Leader that we are Allies to is such a powerful and strong young lady. Her resilience in achieving and embracing all that life has to offer is so amazing. She gave birth during our session, went back to school, got married, and purchased first home.

Thinking back to our experiences in Circles, with tears running down our faces, what we loved most was seeing lives change…seeing individuals control and determine their own destiny with tools and life skills that were given to them through Circle’s…and remembering the faces and their stories and their victories.

It is an honor to serve our community.