Giving Families Assistance To Become Self-Sufficient and Successful


Growing up in poverty, families face tough challenges: deprivation, worry, hunger and limited access to education and medical services. Pathways to Prosperity is dedicated to strengthen communities by providing education and social services to raise school performance for children and increase economic opportunities for families.



BRIDGES ultimate goal is to ensure that children are: 1) Born healthy, 2) Growing up safe and 3) Ready to learn when they enter school.


Circles® is a community-driven solution that addresses the underlying causes of poverty and supports families in a holistic, long-term pathway to economic stability.


Healthier Boynton Beach is a community-driven initiative to inspire, support and improve the lives of caregivers in the heart of the Boynton Beach community.


We cannot improve the lives of our children and families without your help. Please donate or volunteer your time so we can expand our programs across our community. Help us to accomplish our mission.

I Am Not Alone

Where was Circles 5 years ago? I have no regrets because I’m taking control of my life right now! With being in this program, it has given me a better mindset. I’m able to set a goal and work towards achieving them. This program has also taught me how to save better and how to be more persistent and stop procrastinating with opportunities in life. Even when I felt like giving up, Circles reminded me that I am not alone in this and giving up was not an option.

Felice T.

A Vehicle to Serve Others

I was awarded a mini grant from Healthier Boynton Beach to teach virtual fitness classes for family caregivers. In these classes, I’ve had participants ranging in ages from their 20s to their 70s, taking care of parents, grandchildren and family friends. My heart goes out to each one in undertaking these caregiving responsibilities, and I’m proud of them for taking concrete steps to make their own health a priority too. If it weren’t for the Healthier Boynton Beach mini grant, I would not have met some of these individuals or learned their stories. HBB’s mini grant gave me another vehicle to serve others, and for that I am truly grateful.

Judith Kendall, Owner/CEO

Mini Grant Recipient, Jammin with Judith

Circles Taught Me A Lot

Being a part of Circles has taught me a lot. I have learned how to budget, the importance of mental health and how to set goals. These steps are what I needed to learn while on my way out of poverty.

Joanna C.

Circles Impacted Me!

Circles has taught me how to have more self-control over my finances. It has taught me to go beyond how I feel and just step out. It taught me that there are other women in my corner who might be going through the same things.

Krystal F.


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